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The Massage Learning Center at NJMassage.Info is dedicated to all of my past Massage School teachers & Continuing Education lecturers who cared deeply about the art and practice of Massage Therapy and educating others how to help people suffer less and be more alive through Massage.

Explore our online resource, which may be a great help to those considering becoming Massage Therapists, currently practicing Massage Therapists, as well as students of Massage Therapy, Nursing, Pre-Med, Biology, Chiropractic Care, and other related fields of study.


Therapeutic Massage Helps With...
Chronic Pain, Headaches, Lower Back Pain, Upper Back,
Neck Pain, Fibromyalgia, Stress & Tension Relief,
Migraines, TMJ, Relaxation & Calmness, Depression,
Circulation, Accident Rehabilitation, Post-Op Rehab,
High Blood Pressure, Range of Motion, Immune System,
Insomnia, Sports Injury, Poor Posture, Allergies,
Anxiety, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Joint Injury, Autism,
Elderly/Geriatric People, Homebound, Pediatric Clients, Sciatica

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Index of Scientific Studies proving the efficacy
and effectiveness of Therapeutic Massage
as a healing modality.
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Some skeptics attempt to debunk
Massage Therapy as a effective treatment.
Here such arguments are addressed.


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Massage School Class
Massage School Class. 'Increasing Angle of The Joint' By HM.

Steps To Becoming A Massage Therapist:

The following is a concise list of the steps one must take in order to become a Massage Therapist. If you are interested in learning more about any of these specific steps, click on the links. Enjoy your stay at the Massage Learning Center, and be sure to check out the other pages related to Massage School, and working as a Massage Therapist.

1. Get your GED, or Graduate High School.

The first step to becoming a Massage Therapist starts with the basics. To begin your Massage School classes, you must have a High School Diploma or GED. Of course, if you already have a college degree, you are already set. You will have to have this sent to your Massage School, once you apply to a program. If you already have pre-med or college biology classes, you may be able to waive some class requirements on the same topics. Inquire!

2. Find a Massage School.

The second step is to research the Massage Schools in your area. Explore the details. Find out about the program. Does it offer the kinds of Massage Modalities that you are interested in? Can you get there easily, with your current access to a motor vehicle or public transportation?

3. Arrange Payment.

This is one of the most important steps to becoming a Masage Therapist. Most students will end up receiving some form of Financial Aid. There are grants, which do not have to be paid back. Loans, on the other hand, must be paid back in installments. If you cannot get any loans or grants, you will have to arrange payment with the school with a personalized payment plan.

4. Take classes. Get good grades. Don't be excessively absent.

This is the next step to becoming a Massage Therapist. You have to actually go to school!

Wear your uniform, if you are required to. Don't be late for class. Only be absent when you absolutely cannot avoid it. Your attendance record is important; more importantly, you must attend to learn the material! Study, do your homework and projects, and set aside the time each week for these added responsibilities.

Massage School Class
At Massage School, Your Fellow Students Practice On YOU.

5. Graduate.

After all the hard work, you will get a diploma. Celebrate! It's the culmination of months and months of hard work and dedication top your studies. At this point, you are looking back over your recent schooling, and likewise looking forward to your newly launched career. Make sure your tuition is paid up so you don't have a hold on graduation.

6. Apply for State Licensure.

Wait...You are not done yet! There are still additional steps to becoming a Massage Therapist! Depending upon your state, the process may vary. You may need to get fingerprinted. You may need to be background checked. You may need to submit a Passport photo. There may be a fee. Some schools will pay this fee as part of tuition. There may also be a person at your school who submits all this info to the state for you.

7. Take any exams you need to for boards.

Step seven. More tests. (In some states, you can totally skip this in new Jersey.) In other states, you cannot begin working until you have successfully passed the Mblex or NCBTMB tests. Your school will arrange to have you sit for the test once you graduate, and will send along your attendance records as well as your transcript. You may or may not have to pay the testing fee, as some schools will cover that. Inquire with your school.

8. Get your CPR and First Aid Classes.

Many schools include these necessary courses in the curriculum. However, this is not the case 100% of the time. You will need these certifications from Red Cross to get your license in most states. It is important that you know how to provide emergency first aid care to others. As a Massage Therapist, you are a licensed and/or certified health care provider. In some states like new Jersey, Massage Therapists are regulated by the State Nursing Board.

As a member of a client's health care team, it is imperative you not only have a basic knowledge of pathology, biology, and anatomy and physiology, but also a means to assist if there is a dire need. The courses are inexpensive, and can easily be found online. Your school will probably arrange this for you.

9. You're Licensed or Certified!

Receiving a letter in the mail informing you that your background check has been approved, and all of your info is in order will make you finally know that this is all happening, and isn't just a dream. At this point, you are ready to begin working. Hooray for you! You go girl/boy! Time for another mini-celebration.

10. Get Insurance and Join Professional Societies.

In order to work, you must be insured. This is a key step to finally working as a Massage Therapist, and cannot be skipped!! While you were at school, your school had an insurance policy that covered you as long as you were working under the supervision of your teachers. Now, as a graduate, you must acquire Massage Therapists' Insurance on your own.

Professional Societies ask members for a yearly fee. Many of these companies advocate for Massage Therapists, in terms of helping Massage therapy to be accepted as a valid form of health care. These organizations have helped move massage into the mainstream, from its narrow former confines of 60s hippies and health nuts. Some of these organizations will insure you. Others merely provide a way to show that you are a serious professional.

11. Look For a Job.

Many schools have career placement, or even job boards. Go to your school and see if such a board exists. Make an appointment with a career counselor at your school. Some schools can even get you in the door with an interview. Others, like Steiner-owned Cortiva and others, actually own day spas and cruise ship Massage Services, and can get you in before any other graduates of other schools. Check out CraigsList, Backpage, the local newspaper. And check out our Massage Jobs Page by clicking here.

12. Send Out Resumes.

Make sure there are no misspelled words. Everything should be neat. No slang, only Standard American English (click here for the Wikipedia entry on Standard American English). Make sure the paper (if it's not being sent digitally) is neat and clean, not wrinkled or dirty. Do not lie. Include your Massage School GPA on your resume, if it was over 3.0, otherwise do not bother including that detail.

Include any awards or scholarships you won while a student at Massage School. Be honest, and be assertive. Your school's career counselor may be able to help you hone your resume. Also, check out the myriad of resume help resources available online (such as Resume Resource; Free Resume; Rockport Institute's award winning resume writing guide)

13. Go on Interviews When Called.

Do show up fifteen minutes early, no earlier. Never show up late, or exactly at the time of the appointment. Always be a little early. Dress neatly. You may wear scrubs, but preferably, wear clothing that is modest, and would be appropriate for an interview anywhere else, conservatively and smartly. Do not joke around excessively. Be yourself. Do not put yourself down. Do not put your classmates, teachers, or faculty down.

Be positive. If you have to give a demonstration, remember to breathe deeply and don't be too nervous. Answer any questions to the best of your ability, and if you aren't sure, say so. Try to answer every thing as best you can. The interviewer is trying to get a feel for who you are. Put forth your best effort!

14. Accept your first position, with the hours you choose, making twice what you were making six months before!

You win. Enjoy working, helping others. Keep your hands healthy, remember to stretch. Keep good form and avoid injuries. Drink enough water, get enough sleep, and remember you will need more protein and minerals because you will be working a lot harder than you are used to.

Try saving up if you can. If you need to pay off debts, balance those payments with dealing with current expenses. See how many of the techniques you learned in Massage School you're able to integrate into your sessions.

15. Take the Necessary Number of Continuing Ed Credits and Classes Each Year.

Continuing Education classes are necessary, in order to keep your licensure or certification up to date. Check your state's requirements, as far as how many credits you will need, and how to submit the proof of completed classes.

This is where you can increase your skills significantly. There are so many classes, on so many Massage-related topics, that you can literally spend every free weekend seeking more knowledge and new techniques! Probably, get the minimum number of credits, and then work from there. Who knows, you and your friends may love the classes and find that once a month, you will all plan to take a Continuing Education class together.

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Please check out our Massage Learning Center.

We hope that this site helps you launch your future career as a Massage Therapist!

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