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Massage School Overview

How Long Is Massage School?

Online Massage School

Massage School Cost

Steps To Becoming A Massage Therapist

Massage Therapist Salary

Massage School FAQs     INDEX

Massage Career FAQs     INDEX

Massage Schools by State Directory

Licensure Requirements by State

Students & Therapist Resources Area:

Massage Continuing Education Resource

Massage Professional Societies and Insurers Resource

Massage Test Preparation Resources
(MBLEx, NCBTMB, Massage School)

Body Anatomical Movement Terms Resource

3D Anatomy Apps & Resource

Continuing Education Requirements by State

Massage Research Resources

Find Massage Study Partners Now!

Massage Jobs Page

Overview & Index:
The Massage Learning Center at NJMassage.Info is dedicated to all of my past Massage School teachers & Continuing Education lecturers who cared deeply about the art and practice of Massage Therapy and educating others how to help people suffer less and be more alive through Massage.

Explore our online resource, which may be a great help to those considering becoming Massage Therapists, currently practicing Massage Therapists, as well as students of Massage Therapy, Nursing, Pre-Med, Biology, Chiropractic Care, and other related fields of study.


Therapeutic Massage Helps With...
Chronic Pain, Headaches, Lower Back Pain, Upper Back,
Neck Pain, Fibromyalgia, Stress & Tension Relief,
Migraines, TMJ, Relaxation & Calmness, Depression,
Circulation, Accident Rehabilitation, Post-Op Rehab,
High Blood Pressure, Range of Motion, Immune System,
Insomnia, Sports Injury, Poor Posture, Allergies,
Anxiety, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Joint Injury, Autism,
Elderly/Geriatric People, Homebound, Pediatric Clients, Sciatica

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Massage & Relaxation

Mobile Massage Modalities Available


Massage Therapy Blog

Massage Abstracts / Studies
Index of Scientific Studies proving the efficacy
and effectiveness of Therapeutic Massage
as a healing modality.
Massage Debunkers Debunked!
Some skeptics attempt to debunk
Massage Therapy as a effective treatment.
Here such arguments are addressed.


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Massage Info
Summary of Available Resources:

Hello, and a warm welcome to The Learning Center at

Here you will find a detailed description of all of the pages within our Massage Learning Center. We want you to understand that we are 'real-life' Massage Therapists, have attended Massage School ourselves, and created this resource as a way of giving back to the Massage Therapy Professional and Educational Community by providing a much-needed resource.

The reasources we've created and assembled here can help Massage Students to attain higher grades while in school and to secure a passing grade on their national examinations. I definitely would have appreciated having had this during my days at Massage School! And think of how this would have helped as a Massage Teacher.

Massage Duck is our mascot. Yes; he does look a little odd. But that's probably because he works as the mascot here 24/7 without a break. That, and because he just did 5,280 Massage Sessions in a row!

Massage-Session-Image-Credit-Eve-Summer-1280px.jpg Outdoor Spa Hands Massaging Hands.

Getting Started Section

Massage School Overview. This page explains all the basics of attending Massage School. This is a good place to begin, if you are interested in getting more information about what's involved in pursuing a career as a Massage Therapist.

How Long Is Massage School? This page explains the various programs, and how long each usually takes to complete, ranging from modular programs for state approval, to University Degrees in Massage Therapy.

Online Massage School: Discussion of Online Massage School, its present, and its future. The advantages of online schooling versus classroom learning are also discussed.

Steps To Becoming A Massage Therapist: This page breaks it all down in a set of easy to digest steps. Yes; it's a lot of info, but when you approach it one step at a time, it's a breeze!

Massage Therapist Salary: This page explains the basics of salary, deals with the types of employment available, and the salary options for each.

Massage School FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about Massage School with answers by real graduates.

Massage Career FAQ: Questions about Massage Therapy, working as a Therapist, by real therapists.

Massage School by State Directory: This is a listing of Massage Schools by State.

Massage License Requirements by State: This is an interactive map listing the massage licensing requirements of each state in the United States. All states including outlying islands are covered in this list.

Outdoor SpaMassage Session.

Massage Student -- Licensed Massage Therapist -- Massage/Health Educator Section

Massage Continuing Education Resource: This is a listing of Continuing Education Providers by State. Online providers will be listed at the end of the states, under "Online."

Massage Online Continuing Education Resource: This is a listing of Continuing Education Providers offering online only courses. These providers will be listed by alphabetically.

Test Preparation Resources: This is a listing of websites and online resources to help you prepare for the licensing examinations. Most of the resources focus on the two major exams, the MBLex and NCBTMB, but some are also suitable for other states with more comprehensive exams such as New York.

Massage Professional Society & Insurer Resource: This is a listing of professional massage societies and insurers. Most of these insurers are online only, while others have state chapters. These resources will be listed alphabetically.

Body Positions Rersource: This is an anatomy reference guide for students of massage, to assist them with preparing for the licensing exams. This is an interactive guide, with 3-D pictures of body positions, as well as 2-D photos to help students prepare.

3D Anatomy Resource: This is an interactive guide to apps, websites, and programs showing the bones, muscles, and systems of the human body. Many of these have diagrams and 2-D and 3-D photos to use as a reference.

Continuing Education Requirements By State: This is a listing of the continuing education requirements by state.

Massage Research Resources: This is a list of studies and research related to massage therapy and organized by condition and population (pregnant women, children, people with autism, etc.).

Massage Study Groups: Find a massage study group to help you prepare for your exams or to improve your grades in Massage School.

Massage Jobs: This is a listing of websites offering jobs for massage therapists. Listings are organized by state, and there is also an online only section.

Massage Learning Center Mascot: Massage Duck

Please check out our Massage Learning Center.

We hope that this site helps you launch your future career as a Massage Therapist!

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