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Pregnancy and Postnatal Learning Center

What's Mom Edu All About?

Mom Edu is a new section of the NJMassages.Com website focusing on prenatal and postnatal health topics. Articles will cover all aspects of pregnancy and breastfeeding, as well as other relevant topics new parents would certainly find interesting and informative.

Do I Really Need To Learn More About Pregnancy?

While there are many blogs, medical information sites, and other sources of information available online pertaining to this subject matter, what you will find here is unique. All articles are original, drawing from our own authors' research, as well as firsthand experiences working with this special population of Therapeutic Massage patients as LMTs.

Realistically, it's best to be prepared for pregnancy, birthing, and caring for an infant. And so, reading and researching, as well as perusing and joining forums, are all great ideas. However, do be forewarned that there is such a thing as going too far with these efforts.

If you're driven by fear, learning can sometimes serve to only increase your concerns. While some insecurity is to be expected, don't turn this precious experience into a time you dread; rather, use the knowledge presented here, and elsewhere, to find comfort and solace in fact and science. And, perhaps more importantly, community.

How Mom Edu Came Into Being

The reason for creating the Mom Edu portal is so our patients can learn. Many of these topics have been personally relevant to past clients, and there will surely be others who will also find the information presented here extremely relevant in the future. These are topics patients encountered in real life. Some new Moms had answers, others only questions.

Mom Edu seeks to empower pregnant persons by fostering learning about topics that are often ignored. Thus, many newly pregnant women have no idea what they even need to learn. Unfortuantely, there's no required course in school regarding parenting, and for women in the midst of the perinatal experience, there are often lots of questions.

Learn About Pregnancy, But Savor The Journey

Learning is essential to new parents, and so getting the facts is a worthwhile endeavor. Just remember, every person you meet was brought into the world by their parents. And so, relax, sit back, and enjoy the journey! Many people have gone down this road before you.

Your perspective is everything. Approach this time with wonder and awe; learn with an open mind. Many new Moms lament that if anyone had informed them of all that's important to know beforehard, they'd have had an easier time. To that end, we hope your learning brings you the ability to ease into a perinatal time that's wonderful, and full of wonder...wonder at life, wonder at what it means to bring a new person into the world. Knowing as much as possible can only help.

Articles On Mom Edu:

Inverted Nipples and Breastfeeding: What All New Moms Need To Know

Round Ligament Pain

What Is "Lightning Crotch?"

Breastfeeding After Breast Surgery

Are Strech Marks Preventable?

Pregnancy and Epsom Salt Baths: Don't Overlook This!

How To Make Traditional Indian Gond Ladu For More Milk

Incontinence Undies, Maxi-Pads, and Pantiliners During Pregnancy: Vaginal Discharge, Leaking Urine, Amniotic Fluid, and Yeast Infections

Breastfeeding Without Pregnancy

Milk Banks and Why They're Great

Can Herbs Really Help With Milk Supply?

Our Articles Published On Unending Health Quest:

Unending Health Quest is Mountainside On-Site Massage Therapy's legacy blog, featuring well-written entertaining and educational articles about contemporary society and health, complementary modalities, and much more. Articles focus on a range of health topics. Inlcuded below are articles that are germane to new parents and couples, specifically.

Forty Days of Postnatal Massage: Asian Indian Tradition of Jaappa Takes Root In New Jersey

GrandMama and Tradition Had It Right: Empirical Evidence Suggests Increased Ferticlity From A Full-Fat Diet

Oils, Syntax, AND/OR Food Labeling: The Era of Thinking All Food Oil Is Identical Is Over

Postpartum Massage, Progesterone, and Oxytocin, the "Cuddle Hormone": Hugs, The Missing Link to Radip and Comfortable Recovery After Delivery

Pregnant Women's Massage: Why Everything You Thought You Knew Is Wrong

Postnatal Massage: Helping Restore Your Flatter Tummy

49 Ways To Heal A Damaged Relationship: A Guide To Restoring Closeness With Your Partner

Our Articles Published On Sense Of Urgency Forum:

SOUForum.Com presents health-related, and pregnancy-related news headlines from around the world. These are stories you probably won't find elsewhere, the real scoop in medicine and research. In addition, there is a repository of perinatal-focused articles authored by our own Perinatal LMTs.

Breastfeeding For Beginners: The Reasons For Difficulties And Techniques To Overcome Them For A Happy, Healthy Breastfed Baby

Breastfeeding, Formula, Stigma and Confusion: What’s A New Mom To Do?

How To Cope When Your Pregnancy Is Not So Joyful – And Some Ways To Make It Better

Infant and Child Mortality in the U.S.—Nothing to Brag About

The Little Known Dangers Of Bed Rest, Especially When Prescribed For Complications of Pregnancy

The Stress of Giving Birth The Way You Choose In The Face Of The Trend Of Pressured And Forced C-Sections In Hospitals Nationwide

Our Articles Published On Massage Therapy At Home Blogspot Page:

Massage Therapy At Home Blogspot page provides information about pregnancy and birth, including ways to prevent complications and interventions, dealing with birth issues, and information that will be helpful to new moms.

Simple Solutions for Persistent Morning Sickness During Pregnancy

C-Section Prevention for the High Risk Pregnant Woman

Pregnancy and the Disorder Trap – Avoid Being Labeled as a Disease During Labor

Pregnancy Tips For A Better, Healthier, Easier Birth With Fewer Interventions

Pregnant Women Can Do Something - Almost Anything- And Improve Their Birth Outcomes

Fundal Massage After Birth To Reduce Risk of Post Natal Hemorrhage

Top Benefits of Having a Post Partum Doula

The Pregnant Woman’s Guide to Preventing C-Section

10 Reasons to Have a Midwife-Led or Midwife-Assisted Childbirth

Informing Yourself About the Dangers of Induction Of Labor in Pregnant Women

Choosing A Home Birth – Your Pregnancy Can End At Home With Proper Preparation

Why Every Pregnant Woman Should Educate Herself About Pregnancy

Reducing Pain and Duration of Labor During Pregnancy: Acupressure Point

Tactile Massage During Pregnancy To Ease Symptoms of Morning Sickness

Craniosacral Therapy To Help Pregnant Women and Newborns

Depressed Pregnant Women and Massage Therapy: Positive Outcomes For Mother and Infant

Some of the Strange and Fun Experiences and Facts About Being Pregnant

Pregnancy Products Every Mom To Be Should Have

Pre-Natal Massage is Widely Recognized For Its Many Health Benefits

Parenting By Connecting: An Excellent Modern Concept

Post-Natal Massage: Helping the New Mommy to Unwind

Post-Natal Massage: The Many Benefits of A Post-Natal Series

Abdominal Massage During Pregnancy: Helping Your Baby in the Womb

Pre-Natal Massage and Circulation: The Dangers of An Untrained Therapist

Couples Massage After Birth: Fostering the Bond Between Mom, Dad, and Baby

Pre-Natal Massage: Preparing For A Natural Healthy Birth With Fewer Complications

Pre-Natal Massage: Preparing for the Rigors of Labor

Pre-Natal Massage As A Preparation For Labor

Post-Natal Massage: Preparing the New Mom’s Body for the Busyness of Motherhood

Pre-Natal Massage: An Under-Utilized Form of Help For The Future Mom

Post Natal Massage For Healthy Mother and Baby Bonding

Post Natal Massage to Address Common Complaints Following Pregnancy





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