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The Massage Learning Center at NJMassage.Info is dedicated to all of my past Massage School teachers & Continuing Education lecturers who cared deeply about the art and practice of Massage Therapy and educating others how to help people suffer less and be more alive through Massage.

Explore our online resource, which may be a great help to those considering becoming Massage Therapists, currently practicing Massage Therapists, as well as students of Massage Therapy, Nursing, Pre-Med, Biology, Chiropractic Care, and other related fields of study.


Therapeutic Massage Helps With...
Chronic Pain, Headaches, Lower Back Pain, Upper Back,
Neck Pain, Fibromyalgia, Stress & Tension Relief,
Migraines, TMJ, Relaxation & Calmness, Depression,
Circulation, Accident Rehabilitation, Post-Op Rehab,
High Blood Pressure, Range of Motion, Immune System,
Insomnia, Sports Injury, Poor Posture, Allergies,
Anxiety, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Joint Injury, Autism,
Elderly/Geriatric People, Homebound, Pediatric Clients, Sciatica

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Massage & Relaxation

Mobile Massage Modalities Available


Massage Therapy Blog

Massage Abstracts / Studies
Index of Scientific Studies proving the efficacy
and effectiveness of Therapeutic Massage
as a healing modality.
Massage Debunkers Debunked!
Some skeptics attempt to debunk
Massage Therapy as a effective treatment.
Here such arguments are addressed.


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Massage Study Partners Studying Together
'Study' by MC Quinn.

Massage Study Partners

Massage Study Partners, Study Groups, and Tutoring: The Secret to Graduating On Top and Get Hired First!

If you're seeking a study partner for Massage School or for preparation to take the Mblex or NCBTMB National Certification exams, you've definitely come to the right place. We at the Massage Learning Center at NJMassage.Info are Massage Therapists and former Massage Educators, and we sincerely wish to help you move forward and attain success with your studies! Your main options are tutors, study groups, and study partners. At the bottom of this page is our own bulletin board to help you connect with someone to help your studying!

How Do I go About Finding A Massage Study Partner or Study Group?

There are many methods to get a study group going, or finding a single study partner. Read this entire page carefully, and then find the strategy that best fits your situation. Most solutions cost nothing, and only require a little bit of your time. You can have e-meetings online or by cell phone or Skype, or you can meet in-person to study.

Find A Partner At Massage School

Are you currently enrolled in Massage School? If so, your classmates are your first good choice. Your second good choice is to find other people in other classes at your school, possibly those one term ahead or behind. It's probably better to have people on an equal footing, but peer tutoring will work whether the students are in the same class, learning the same material at the same time, or not.

You may also ask the faculty and staff and teachers at your school. Maybe they know of another student in the same position. There may be a bulletin board where you can sign up for a partner, or there may be study sessions after class led by the teachers. The advantage of one-on-one study partners is that many people learn better in such an intimate setting.

Inquire, and get the facts.

Join A Study Group At Massage School

Most Massage Schools have informal study groups open to all students, often led by a student in clinic nearing gradation, or by a teacher at the school. Such groups are always free, and are really effective learning scenarios.

For one thing, it's like school in that (some of) your classmates are present, the teacher is there, but there is a lot less formality. Sometimes food and drinks will be allowed, which is a no-no for the Massage Classroom. Study Groups are not 'on the clock'. They do not count toward your necessary number of education hours, however some schools allow study group time as make-up for minor absence.

Massage Study Group
Massage Study Group. Image Title: Studying At Kennedy Library.

Form Study groups At Your Massage School

If you inquire, and there is no study group happening, you may be the person best suited to start one up. Talk with your school's director, and explain why you feel there is a need for such a group.

Get signatures of students willing to participate. Find out when people can meet. And make a proposal to the principal. The faculty wants you all to graduate. This is a cost-free way of helping to ensure that it happens for the highest number of students.

Place an Advertisement on CraigsList or Backpage For A Massage Study Partner

The Personals section where people look for friends or platonic relationships is a good place to start. Peruse the ads, and if there's nothing, post your own. Be specific. If you only want to study and don't require any practice for hands-on, state this. Talk about your strengths and weaknesses. Write when you're available. If you don't want to study with a guy, say so. There are no reasons to make this anything less than a positive experience for yourself. This may work.

Seek A Massage Tutor

Maybe one (or more) of your teachers might be willing to tutor you. (More than one allows you a better range of presentation of the material, and spreads the responsibility for helping you among a few people.)

Sometimes, even your instructors may require you to pay for tutoring if it's after school hours. Be sure this is not against the rules at your school. You wouldn't want to have your teacher fired and yourself expelled! But in most cases, this should be fine.

When we were teaching, we had a few students come to us for tutoring in the evenings, and they never expected to be tutored for free. Of course, the tutoring was not done at school. That would have violated the school's rules.

You can also find a tutor in your community. You may look online, or go to a local established Massage Studio and ask if any of the practicing MTs might want to earn a little cash tutoring. This is a specialized topic, and not everyone has the knowledge to help.

Pre-med students, physicians, nurses, and other health workers have all had to learn similar material, and quite well should still know it! We would hope, at least...

Studying For Mblex
You Don't Have to Study For the Mblex All Alone! Image Title: Robin, Studying by Alena.

Check out Our Massage Study Partner, Massage Tutor, and Massage Study Group Resource

Of course, in seeking to make this a better experience for you, we have added a section for those in Massage School or prepping for the Mblex or NCBTMB exams seeking to get connected with other like-minded students.

Simply fill out the form below and you will be added to the roster below. If you see someone you think is a good match, e-mail us and we will send them your contact information, with your permission, of course. All submissions are hand-reviewed and every person is contacted before being listed.

Please Fill Out This Form To Be Eligible For Matching

First Name:
City and State:

I am Presently Enrolled Massage School Student Presently Teaching At Massage School Presently Licensed Massage Therapist Massage Therapy Tutor

I want to study for: My Massage School Coursework and Tests Mblex National Certification Examination NCBTMB National Exam

I am here for Tutoring To join a study group. To find a 1-on-1 study partner. To tutor others.

I will work with : Female(s) only Male(s) only Either

If a student, what program are you enrolled in? If you graduated already, where from?
How many hours is the program you are enrolled in/graduated from?

When did/will you graduate?

What material do you want help with?

What topics are you strong in?

When are you available to study? (Days and time)

Do you want to meet or do this online? Online Only In person Either in person or online

Do you also wish to do hands-on practice in person, as well as studying? Yes No

(Please click 'Submit' at left to send this information to us.)



Roster of Study Partners / Tutors / Study Groups

Raven - Clarkson, Georgia - Here for Tutoring / Study Group - Study for Massage School Coursework and Tests - Student -Gwinnett College - Work with either males or females. - Georgia Licensure Program - Finishing 2017 - Want help with everything - Strong in anatomy - Available Flexible Hours! - In person or online - No hands-on needed - Posted Dec 2017
Contact Raven by filling in the form above, or click here to send an email

Dee - Bayonne NJ - Here for Tutoring / Study Group - Study for Mblex or Massage School - Student -Cortiva NJ 500 hours - Work with either males or females. - NJ Licensure Program - Finished June 2014 - Want help with muscles, actions, anatomy - Strong in biology - Available Flexible Hours! - In person or online

Jenna - Bayonne - Here to tutor - Study for Mblex or NCBTMB or Massage School - - LMT - Graduated Healing Hands ?? hours - Work with either males or females. -Standard License - Finished 1998 - Wants help with nothing. - Strong in everything. - Available when you need help! - Online only

Robyn - Englewood, New Jersey - Here for Study Partner or Study Group - Study for Massage School - - Student - In school AMT 600 hours - Work with females. -NJ Licensing - Finished Will be June, 2015 - Wants help with muscles. Pathology, also. - Strong in most subject. - Available Thur-Sun, 7PM -11PM! - In Person only

Matt - Hoboken - Here for Study Partner or Study Group - Study for Massage School - - Student - In school 500 hours - Work with males or females. -NJ - Finished May/2015 - Wants help with a little of everything. Review.. - Strong in hands-on. - Available weekends only! - In Person only

Massage Learning Center Mascot: Massage Duck

Please check out our Massage Learning Center.

We hope that this site helps you launch your future career as a Massage Therapist!

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